Mnichovo Hradiště

It used to be a route that served as a gateway to the Bohemian Paradise for many nature lovers. Until it was cut off by a highway. However, after several decades, it has been reopened to visitors. A new footbridge by architect Josef Pleskot has made the hill of Horka, towering above Mnichovo Hradiště, accessible again. And before entering the Bohemian Paradise, visitors can enjoy another pleasant surprise: a poetic speaking device.

The Poesioma" above Mnichovo Hradiště recites poetry, sings, tells stories, or reveals secrets about the local nightingales. It offers poetry by local poet Josef Brož, plays an archival report about the LIAZ race, sings in the voices of opera singers the Horák couple, or recounts the Battle of Mnichovo Hradiště from the Austro-Prussian War.

Actors from the local Tyl Theater Association guide listeners through the Poesiomat, a song from the Children's Choir Zvonky cheers up a walk in nature, and visitors can listen to the verses of Karel Hynek Mácha or Karel Toman while gazing at the town and the green hills around.

The implementation of the Poesiomat at the foot of Horka hill was made possible thanks to the support of the town of Mnichovo Hradiště.