Veselí nad Moravou

The Poesiomat is a cultural periscope, and where else should a periscope emerge from the ground than near a waterway? And not just any waterway, but one of the most daring water constructions of the 20th century; the Baťa Canal. The first "water" Poesiomat also brings the specific atmosphere and history of Veselí nad Moravou to life through a diverse selection of audio tracks, ranging from music to collected stories from local witnesses.

One of the main themes is, of course, the Baťa Canal, near which the Poesiomat is located in the Veselí harbor. Among the recordings, you will find a bit of its history, as well as authentic recordings of speeches by Tomáš and Jan Antonín Baťa. Additionally, there is the anthem of the city of Bataypora in Brazil, which refers to Jan Antonín, the founder of the city, and Jindřich Trachta, a resident of Veselí who became the first mayor of this city. The city's name literally translates to "Baťa's good water," aptly connecting to the water theme, which is also present in several other pieces, such as "Prayer for Water," composed to the text by Jan Skácel.

In addition to Jan Skácel, you can hear verses by Jaroslav Seifert and Oldřich Mikulášek, whose favorite motif is wine, so inseparably connected with this region. Winemaker Tomáš Zbořil from the local winery Dog in Dock describes the tasting of Pinot Blanc, a typical local variety. The rich local folklore tradition is also represented through pieces by the Cimbalom Music of Radošov.

You can also listen to an excerpt from the book "The Heart of Europe" by Pavla Horáková, written based on the memories of her great-grandmother, a former resident of Veselí. Lastly, there is Fred Sersen, who made his way from Veselí to Hollywood, where he became a prominent creator of visual film effects, even winning the first Oscar in the history of this prestigious film category.

The Poesiomat by the Baťa Canal in Veselí nad Moravou was ceremoniously unveiled to mark the opening of the boating season on April 30, 2024. The project was realized with the support of the Baťa Canal o.p.s. and the city of Veselí nad Moravou.