Nelahozeves, a picturesque village near Prague, is known as the birthplace of the famous composer Antonín Dvořák. The composer was born on September 8, 1841, in a local inn to the family of innkeeper and butcher František Dvořák. Just a few steps from his birthplace, a Poesiomat has been playing and reciting since April.

The periscope maps Dvořák's life and musical journey: from Nelahozeves through Zlonice, Prague, Vysoká u Příbramě, and his beloved Šumava, to England and his successful tenure in the USA. The Poesiomat offers two dozen of Dvořák's musical works as well as poems that inspired the composer in his creations.

The Dvořák Poesiomat was ceremoniously unveiled during a meeting of governors from four significant European regions to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic's entry into the EU. Part of the program is dedicated to composers associated with the partner regions of the Central Bohemian Region: Opole Voivodeship, Rhineland-Palatinate, and the French region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Thus, in addition to Czech and English, the periscope speaks Polish, German, and French.

The implementation of the Poesiomat was made possible with the support of the Antonín Dvořák Memorial in Vysoká u Příbramě, the Central Bohemian Region, and the village of Nelahozeves.