Songs by Karel Plíhal, Karel Kryl and Jaroslav Hutka, poems by Jiří Wolker and important German, Polish and Jewish poets and poets who connected their lives and works with Olomouc. Mozart, who cured himself of smallpox in Olomouc and composed his Symphony No. 6 there, Allen Ginsberg, who lived, performed and worked there, the Catholic authors Jan Čep and Jaroslav Durych, and Miroslav Krobot's stories. 

Olomouc is a city of art, culture and education. It is also a city with a diverse cultural and national history. The Poesiomat on Svatováclavský vrchší speaks five languages. This is also thanks to the poems selected from the annual Václav Burian Prize. 

The realization of the Olomouc Poesiomat was made possible thanks to the support of the Olomouc Museum of Art.

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