"I met my mother-in-law on the bridge in Bechyně, the wind ruffled her hair," sings legendary singer-songwriter Karel Kryl in one of his playful songs. And he had a reason. He spent his youth in Bechyně. Just like the actor Jan Kačer, the tramp singer Miki Ryvola or the musician Viktor Sodoma, Karel Kryl studied at the ceramic high school here. "Bechyně is the Czech Florence. A beautiful town, my second home," Jan Kačer recalls Bechyně in the recording. Poesiomat also poems and sings. He writes about the Bechyně bridge, about Petr Vok and the legends of the local castle. And last but not least, about electricity, which has been closely connected with Bechyně for more than 120 years, when in 1903 František Křižík put the first electric train line Tábor-Bechyně into operation. Today, the Poesiomat sings a popular children's song by Zdeněk Svěrák and Jaroslav Uhlíř about alternating current and also hums like the turbine of the nearby Temelín power plant.

Poesiomat in Bechyně was realized thanks to the support of the ČEZ Foundation.

photography: Jan Faltus