City of Zlín is unique in many ways. Before brothers Tomáš and Antonín Baťa established the shoe factory by the end of 19. century, Zlín was no more than a village of 2,000 inhabitans. Couple decades later some of the world famous architects, urbanists, politicians and businesssman were visiting Zlín for an inspiration in city development. Tomáš Baťa made Zlín important, modern and pulsing city. A model of booming 20. century metropole.

Poesiomat in Zlín is partly dedicated to Baťa family. We accomplished to find maybe one and only unique recording of Tomáš Baťa´s voice. Poesiomat also recites yet unpublished poems of Jan Antonín Baťa, plays and unique records of memories of travellers Miroslav Zikmund and Jiří Hanzelka, olympic winners Emil and Dana Zátopek or legendary film director Karel Zeman. 

Poeisomat in Zlín also speaks with voice of sir Tom Stoppard, who was born in Zlín. 

Poesiomat in Zlín had been realized thanks to support of Zlín municipality.