Vestec. Located 15 kilometres south-east from center of Prague have, village Vestec had accomplished a dynamic development in past two decades. With more projects to go, Vestec has ambition to become one of the most public green based municipalities in the Czech republic. One from the steps towards this plan was planting a new linden alley, which had been granted by Duke of Edinburgh foundation (DofE), so the new tree avenue in Vestec now holds the name Prince Philip Alley.

Poesiomat in Vestec combines three major topics: history and future of Vestec, british royal family and nature. Poesiomat contains tracks in czech and english language. You can hear three versions of the song Her Majesty from The Beatles, a poem The Patriarchs - An Elegy dedicated to prince Philip published in one year anniversary of his death by Queen Elizabeth II. or favourite songs of both Queen Elizabeth and prince Philip.

Prince Philip Alley is situated near bicycle path from Prague to Vestec. Poesiomat took place thanks to funds and support of Vestec municipality.