The Poetry Jukebox

The Poetry Jukebox is the latest project of the Pianos in the street association, which has been placing pianos and chess tables in the streets of the Czech cities since 2013. Jukeboxes with poetry are filled with tracks of sounds, voices and memories of the landscape.

A handle is led out of the iron talking pipe, by which passers-by can generate electricity. Pressing the button selects one of the audio tracks. A voice emanating from the depths of the earth evokes the idea that a poet is sitting down there in the underground, reading directly to his listener upstairs. The intention is to confront and surprise the passers-by with poetry in an unexpected space.

The bird sings while reading, the car passes, the child shouts out loud. A kind of a video clip is created, allowing you together with this new context to look at the place you have been going through for a lifetime from a completely new perspective.

Cities: Ondřej Kobza
collaboration: Klára Hančová, Michal Šanda, Michal Vávra, Michal Kalivoda, Michal Rataj, Michaela Mrázová, Martin Šeda
realisation: 14. 3. 2022
address: Krkonošská, Vrchlabí
photography: Jan Faltus