New York / USA

This poetry jukebox has popped up outside Howl! Happening, a gallery, performance space and archive in the East Village, and Extra Place, where it was located in 2017.

The poetry jukebox is loaded with poems by writers like:

Allen Ginsberg
John Giorno
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Margaret Randall
Hettie Jones
David Henderson
William Burroughs
Bob Holman
Eileen Myles
Helixx C. Armageddon
Pedro Pietri
Ed Sanders
Michael McClur
Pamela Sneed
Hapi Phace
Doug Bressler and Julie Hair of 3 Teens Kill 4

The poetry jukebox first appeared at the Howl! Festival 2017 where coffeehouse owners from the Czech Republic introduced the funky speaker as part of an installation. The over two dozen poems were curated by Bob Holman and BC Edwards and represent a collective response to social justice.

realisation: 2017
address: 6 East 1st Street, New York, NY 10003