Lipnice nad Sázavou

Among the picturesque hills of the Vysočina region stands a majestic medieval castle. Below the castle lies a town whose charm has attracted tourists, pilgrims, and wanderers for centuries. One of them was Jaroslav Hašek, who, with the hospitality of innkeeper Alexander Invald, became so enchanted by the atmosphere of Lipnice that he spent the last years of his life there.

The Poesiomat stands just a few meters from Jaroslav Hašek's grave, on a lookout point just above the old Lipnice cemetery. The Lipnice Poesiomat's programming tells the story of Hašek's life in Lipnice nad Sázavou through grotesque stories from Hašek's tavern companions, period testimonies, and the writer's own narratives.

The Poesiomat also pays tribute to other significant artists associated with Lipnice: poets Jiří Wolker and Bohuslav Reynek, painter Jan Zrzavý, and composer Petr Eben. With the voice of castle manager Marek Hanzlík, it tells legends of Lipnice Castle and recites the ceremonial pledge of the local Lipnice Ham Club.

The dramaturgy of the Lipnice Poesiomat was largely curated by poet and writer Miloš Doležal.

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