About project

Six castles and chateaus, six poems and songs about their important inhabitants from the past and present. In the autumn of 2023, we joined forces with the National Heritage Institute and the PPF Foundation to create a series of Poesiomata that speak to people in places with a special atmosphere.

The Poetic Speaker thus poems overlooking the vast landscape on Kunětická hora, which is nicknamed the East Bohemian Říp. Above the Jezeří castle at the foot of the engulfing coal basin, the Poesiomat sings the song of a whale, at the Červená Lhota castle the Poesiomat sings about Zlatovláska, in Frýdlant it speaks through the mouth of Franz Kafka, at the castle in Kratochvíl it poems about Petr Vok, and in Lipnice nad Sázavou it tells anecdotes from the life of Jaroslav Hašek, whose grave lies just a few steps from our poetic periscope.

Poesiomats at castles were created with the support of the PPF Foundation.